The Catholic University of America’s Catholics For Family Peace, based at the National Catholic School of Social Service (NCSSS), consists of NCSSS faculty and students as well as experts in domestic violence research, pastoral ministry, and Catholic education.

Mission of the Center

Catholics For Family Peace provides education, resources, and research that help pastoral leaders recognize domestic abuse and respond with compassion.

  1. To inform the Catholic community on ways to promote family peace and to prevent and respond to domestic abuse.
  2. To provide resources and promote prayer to end domestic abuse.
  3. To promote the teachings of the Catholic Church on domestic abuse, as described in the USCCB's pastoral letter, When I Call for Help (2002), and other related documents.
  4. To work with Catholic clergy and lay leaders to promote an informed and compassionate response to domestic abuse.
  5. To conduct and encourage research on the relationship of faith and domestic abuse.
  6. To serve as a clearinghouse for effective pastoral practices of the universal Church that address domestic abuse.
  7. To collaborate with other faith-based and secular organizations that address domestic abuse and promote peaceful relationships.

Learn more our members and resources at www.catholicsforfamilypeace.org