A minor in social work can provide students in a wide variety of majors with a deeper understanding of human behavior in the social environment without completing the practice and field education components of the major. It also gives students a greater understanding of the forces that influence social policy, and skills to bring about change in this arena. The research course helps students develop competency as consumers of research. The minor includes:

SSS 101 - Introduction to Social Work
This course provides an overview of the profession of social work within the institution of social welfare.

SSS 223 - HBSE I & SSS 225 - HBSE II
These two courses cover normal and abnormal human development, functioning across the life cycle, and social theory that helps explain and change human behavior.

SSS 302 - Policy I
This course provides an introduction to the understanding an appraisal of social welfare policies and programs in the United States, as well as the historical and contemporary forces that have shaped their development.

SSS 326 - Diversity
Students in this course examine social problems and the sociocultural conditions influencing the way people interact. The course helps students understand the "isms" and cultural diversity within a social justice context.

SSS 340 - Research I
This course teaches basic elements of research design and research methodology so that students have a greater understanding of how to evaluate the quality of research findings.

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