For Undergraduate Students

Students can apply as a candidate for transfer admission if they hold a high school diploma or its equivalent and have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours at an accredited college or university. Students can transfer a maximum of 60 earned credit hours to Catholic University.

For M.S.W. Students

NCSSS accepts a limited number of transfer students each year. To be eligible for transfer, courses must have been taken within five years of entrance into the program and grades of B or better must have been earned. Transfer of semester hours may not be applied toward satisfaction of the minimum residency requirements. No academic credit is granted for life experience or previous work experience.

There are two categories of transfer students:

  1. Students requesting transfer from another accredited M.S.W. degree program to NCSSS must follow the usual application procedure described above. One of the three letters of recommendation must be from the M.S.W. chair or an M.S.W. program faculty member, indicating the applicant has left the program in good standing and is eligible to return. In addition, the applicant must submit course descriptions of M.S.W. courses taken and, when applicable, field work description and evaluation. A maximum of 30 semester hours may be transferred from another M.S.W. program.
  2. Students may request transfer of up to six semester hours of elective credits from other accredited M.S.W. programs at the time the advanced year concentration is declared. At that time, the student writes to the M.S.W. chair, submitting a rationale showing that the course is appropriate to the concentration and submitting a copy of the course description and transcript for approval.

Courses that duplicate subject matter of foundation year courses are not transferable.

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Transfer Students

Learn more about transferring to Catholic University from a two- or four-year institution. Applications are accepted for fall and spring admission!

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