The Consortium for Catholic Social Teaching

As a Catholic school of social work, NCSSS seeks to explore the meaning of human existence, understand the human condition, and contribute to the creation of the common good. The Consortium for Catholic Social Teaching and its research centers approaches this endeavor informed by and actualizing the Church’s social and moral doctrine, with particular attention to the sanctity and dignity of human life, strengthening of families and communities, reducing poverty and associated problems, and expanding the rights of workers and dignity of labor.

The Consortium for Catholic Social Teaching serves as a vehicle for two research and training centers and one initiative within NCSSS to advance individual, family, and societal well-being in the domains of child welfare; domestic violence; and health and mental health. The centers include the Center for the Advancement of Children, Youth, and Families; the Center for the Promotion of Health and Mental Health Well-Being; and the initiative, Catholics For Family Peace. The centers and initiative are the home for faculty members and students with shared interests in one or more of these substantive areas as well as in cooperative, participatory partnerships with communities and agencies to build on their strengths and assets through multi-disciplinary collaborations.