Non-Degree Seeking Students Applying for M.S.W.

For those M.S.W. applicants who are interested in a second career or need more information to determine if professional social work is the right choice, we encourage you to apply as a non-degree-seeking student and take one to three courses to help you with this decision.

Non-degree seeking students may take one course per semester for up to three semesters. Credit earned as a non-degree-seeking student will transfer to a student's transcript if they apply and are accepted for degree-seeking status at a later date.

The Non-degree application is completed online

The application process for non-degree-seeking status consists of the following:

  1. Completed and signed Graduate Non-Degree Application form accompanied by the $60 non-refundable application fee.
  2. An official transcript from each undergraduate and graduate college attended.
  3.  A current resume.


Enrollment in courses as a non-degree student does not guarantee admissions to the MSW or Ph.D. programs.  A student receiving a grade of C in their non-degree course may not be allowed to take additional coursework.  In addition, the student may not qualify for degree-seeking admission.

Non-Degree Seeking Students Applying for Ph.D.

With the permission of the program chair, non-degree-seeking students may enroll in a maximum of nine credits in NCSSS courses, taking no more than one course per semester. Applicants must submit a completed university application form, official transcripts, and a nonrefundable application fee.

Enrollment in courses as a non-degree-seeking student does not guarantee admission to the Ph.D. program. Course offerings for non-degree-seeking students are limited and are offered on a space-available basis after registration for enrolled degree-seeking students is completed.