Dr Daugherty


  • National Catholic School of Social Service
  • Expertise

  • Child welfare and social services
  • health disparities
  • gerontology
  • African American families
  • Bio

    Laura G. Daughtery, LICSW, Ph.D., joined NCSSS in 2005 as an Assistant Professor. She has more than a decade of experience in child welfare and social services as a direct service practitioner working with families in recovery, adolescents in child welfare, seniors aging in place, and adults managing chronic disease.

    Dr. Daughtery’s research interests are in understanding the experience and meaning of child welfare within the context of families and public child welfare services; adolescents involved in the public child welfare system; health disparities including diabetes education and prevention; the family context of type two diabetes; the family context of substance abuse; African American families and gerontology.

    Recent Publications

    • Zajicek-Farber, M.L., Mayer, M.M., & Daughtery, L.G. (2012). "Connections Among Parental Mental Health, Stress, Child Routines, and Early Emotional Behavioral Regulation of Preschool Children in Low-Income Families." Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research, 3 (1). p. 31-50. doi 10.5243/jsswr.2012.3.
    • Daughtery, L.G. (2011). "Social Work in Mindanao: Perspectives from the Global North." Journal of Global Social Work Practice, 4(1).
    • Daughtery, L.G. (2011). "Understanding Identity Development and Spirituality in African American Female Adolescents Through their Foster Care Experience." Journal of African American Studies, 15, 455-468. doi: 10.1007/s12111-011-9183-0
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