The Child Protection and Safe Environments certificate program is designed for students who wish to study best practices in child protection from a Catholic perspective. It will draw upon existing courses of several schools.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Explain the different dynamics involved in sexual abuse and exploitation, particularly within the Catholic Church;
  • Explain the history and current practice of safe environment programs, particularly within the Catholic Church;
  • Identify the core principles of trauma-informed services;
  • Evaluate policies, programs, and clinical interventions designed to help trauma survivors;
  • Understand the criminal and civil and legal systems and their roles in addressing abuse;
  • Analyze and discuss different child protection programs.

Graduates would be well-qualified to be diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinators or Safe Environment Coordinators after its completion.


  • TRS 656B / SSS 656C (Jointly Offered): Sexual Abuse and Exploitation
  • SSS 655 Social Work Responses to Trauma: Intersections of Policy, Community, and Clinical Practice
  • SSS 657 Child Protection: Law and Policy
  • An individualized capstone course, allowing the student to apply knowledge gained in the other courses to their field or work.

Apply for the Certificate

To apply go to the admission page, select "graduate", and once you are logged in (with a username and password), select "certificate" and then the National Catholic School of Social Service and child protection.

If you have any questions contact Eileen Dombo, Associate Professor and Assistant Dean, at