FAQs about Field Education

  • What are NCSSS’ requirements regarding supervision?

    Ideally, students have a minimum of 1 - 1 ½ hours per week of face-to-face supervision with the social worker assigned as field instructor. Some agencies provide peer or group supervision beyond this. Especially in the beginning of the semester, we ask that field instructors be somewhat more available to assist students as they become oriented to their new field setting.

  • How many hours must students spend in their field agencies over the year?

    We have different requirements for social work students at different levels. They are as follows:

    - Junior BSW Students complete a 96 hour field placement in the spring semester.

    - Senior BSW and Foundation MSW Students (1st year):  Most seniors and foundation year MSW students are in the field agency over the fall and spring semesters, working 16 hours per week, generally two days per week. The total number of hours the student needs to complete for the year is 480.

    - Advanced MSW Students (2nd year):  Advanced Clinical, Combined, and Social Change (macro) students are in the agency over the fall and spring semesters, working 20 hours per week. Generally, field days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and ½ days on Thursdays. The total number of hours required for the year is 600.

  • Can I adjust my required hours to accommodate my personal or work schedule?

    Field is an integral part of social work education. We offer some flexibility to complete the required field hours, including some agency based internships with flexible hours. Students are required to complete 8 hours of field during regular business hours weekly. Students interested in alternate hours should discuss their plan with the Field Director.