The NCSSS Field Education program offers a wide range of internships. These agencies are selected and approved by the staff of the school's Office of Field Education. Supervision in the field  is the responsibility of the field instructor. The field instructor orients the student to the agency, assigns and oversees the student's activities, and provides the student regular weekly one-on-one supervision.

The Office of Field Education provides agency information to students via a password-protected internet-based search engine, permitting students to learn about affiliated field agencies and the internship opportunities they offer. In placing students, the Office of Field Education considers their prior experience, interests and educational goals, and affiliated agencies of particular interest. Students should be prepared to travel to and from the practicum either by car or public transportation.

The weekly Integrative Field Seminar, taken concurrently with Field Education, helps students to integrate course content and the field work experience. The seminar instructor serves as the liaison between the field agency and the school, maintaining and enhancing that link, and providing support and monitoring as necessary.

Internship Requirements

B.S.W. students

In the junior year, students complete a spring semester 8 hours/week placement for a total of 96 hours.

In the senior year, students complete a yearlong internship, interning 16 hours/week for a total of 480 hours. Seniors usually intern on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

M.S.W. students

In the foundation year, MSW students intern 16 hours/week, usually on Wednesdays and Thursdays, for a total of 480 hours.

In the advanced year, students intern 20 hours/week, usually on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and 1/2 days on Thursdays, for a total of 600 hours.

A limited number of flex-time placements are available. All placement require at least one 8 hour day completed during normal work hours.

We offer two options for students employed in social service agencies

  1. Employment-based Internship
  2. Work Residency Internship