Student in MSW class

A career in social work provides the opportunity to empower and offer hope to those in need in a variety of ways. Social workers help people find solutions to problems encountered in everyday life and during life’s most difficult circumstances.  Social workers also bring about changes in social policies, social institutions, and communities to ensure that all people, regardless of status, may achieve a quality standard of living.

NCSSS offers two concentrations in the advanced level curricula: 1) the Clinical Concentration, and 2) the Community, Administration and Policy Practice (CAPP) Concentration. To learn more about these concentrations, please follow the links below.

  • Clinical

    With a long history of preparing highly qualified clinical social work practitioners, our Clinical Concentration focuses on strengths-based practice in a variety of clinical settings and prepares students for licensed independent practice.

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  • Community, Administration and Policy Practice

    The Community, Administration and Policy Practice (CAPP) Concentration prepares social work students to contribute to domestic and international initiatives designed to bring about a more equitable and just world through structural change at organizational, community, and societal levels.

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