Melissa Grady


  • National Catholic School of Social Service
  • Expertise

  • Mental health
  • clinical practice
  • clinical theory
  • research methods
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    Dr. Melissa D. Grady received her M.S.W. and Ph.D. from Smith College School of Social Work. Her clinical experience includes both work in the public mental health sector and private sector. Her clinical experience includes clients who have experienced trauma, depression, anxiety, anger management as well as other mental health issues. In addition, Dr. Grady has worked with parents who are separating and divorcing and struggle with co-parenting. In addition, she has practiced, writes about and conducts research and trainings on sex offenders and evidence-based treatment practices. She is formerly a faculty member at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s School of Social Work and is now currently on the faculty of Catholic University’s National School of Social Service where she teaches in the areas of mental health, clinical practice, clinical theory and research methods.

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    • Moving Beyond Assessment

      Moving Beyond Assessment

      Moving Beyond Assessment. A practical guide for beginning helping professionals (New York: Oxford University Press, 2016).

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    Recent Publications

    Grady, M. D., Wike, T. L., Putzu, C., Field, S. E., Hill, J., Bellamy, J., Bledsoe, S. E., & Massey, M. (under review). Recent social work practitioners’ understanding and use of evidence-based practice and empirically supported treatments. Journal of Social Work Education.

    Levenson, J. S., & Grady, M. D. (under review). The influence of childhood trauma on sexual violence and sexual deviance. Traumatology.

    Levenson, J. S., & Grady, M. D. (revise and resubmit under review). Substance abuse, violence, and childhood adversity: Implications for trauma-informed social work practice. Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions.

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